Hi everyone (or no one, I don’t know who’s going to visit this blog…) and thank you for visiting Six Blue Marbles Book Reviews! I’m  Ess, and I’ve been trying to run a book review blog for about three years and have failed miserably each time. Fingers crossed this time it stays!

I am a university graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Cultural Studies and, as most recent graduates of English and Cultural Studies. I want to keep my love of books and writing in my work either by working in a publishing company as an editor or someday becoming an author (again, fingers crossed), heck maybe I can do both, who knows what the future holds.

powerpuff sarah

An accurate representation of me in Powerpuff form.

English was always my favourite subject in school but I didn’t really start reading for fun until I was in ninth grade when a certain vampire romance novel became popular and I quickly became obsessed with it, other vampire books, and later entire literary genres (there’s no stopping me folks).

As well as reading and writing book reviews, I also run a production company called Stuck in a Story Productions with my sister. We’ve made a few web series so far, a couple of them literary inspired ones, you should click the link above to check them out!

If you find any of this information cool, interesting, or dare I say inspiring (which you probably won’t) then you can find me here:

Well, I guess that’s it… Hope you have fun on my blog!