Movie Alert!


Movie Alert is a book meme hosted by me to show trailers for different book to movie/tv show adaptions. Feel free to use it, just make sure to credit my blog!

Hi bookworms, time for a new feature called Movie Alert!

I’m trying to keep this blog active and add fun stuff to it when I can. I just feel like I’m not posting enough! This is probably the longest I’ve posted on this book blog without giving up on it for a few months, and I want to make sure it isn’t getting dull, hence Movie Alert!

Movie Alert! is a new book meme that shows trailers from different book to movie/tv show adaptions. I can’t promise it to be a weekly feature, but anytime I find a trailer for a book adaption coming out that gets me excited I’m going to share it on here!

This week’s is for The Little Stranger, an adaption of the book by the same name by Sarah Waters. The book follows Dr. Faraday, a doctor who makes a house call to the now decrepit Hundred Hall Manor, a place where his mother used to work and has been a point of obsession for Dr. Faraday. The manor is owned by the Ayres family, a mother and her two adult children, who all notice strange occurrences in the house. But are they real, or just a sign of the family’s refusal to acknowledge the changes around them?

I read the book in 2013 (according to Goodreads) and while I didn’t love or hate it I don’t think I understood the complexities of the story at the time. I was just getting out of YA and in university trying to figure out how to study books. I hope to re-read it at some point, but I know I won’t get the chance before I see the movie.

The adaption stars Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth Wilson and while it looks very close to the book it also looks like it will be focusing more on the ghost story aspect of the story instead of other themes like the changing of the times and classes in England which has a lot to do with the minds of the Ayres family and Faraday in the story. It still looks very interesting, and creepy, and I hope to get a chance to see it in theatres.

The Little Stranger is currently being played in theatres in North America!


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