Review: The Book of Barb by Nadia Bailey


Publication: August 1st 2017
Publisher: Smith Street Books
Pages:  95 pages
Source: Gift (Thanks Andrea!)
Genre: Fiction, Sci Fi, Media-Tie-In
My Rating: ⛤⛤⛤⛤

Whenever life gets particularly difficult there’s only one question we can ask: What Would Barb Do?

The Book of Barb is an ode to all things Barb, our favourite minor character from the ever popular Netflix series Stranger Things. I know I loved with Barb the moment she appeared on screen: her clear caring and love for her best friend Nancy, her logic and worry about following the rules and not wanting to give in to peer pressure but wanting to keep Nancy safe, her demise at the demigorgon when she did NOTHING WRONG!

Sorry, I’m still upset about that.

But why do we love Barb so much? Bailey doesn’t focus on answering that in this book, though in its introduction she does inquire that maybe we love Barb because she’s who we were or wanted to be in high school: geeky, charming, caring, just trying to figure it all out and survive high school (and demigorgons) like any ordinary teen would.

Bailey’s book isn’t a look into why people love Barb but celebrates our love for her. The book has quizzes on if you’re more of a Barb, Steve, Nancy, or Jonathan (I’M A BARB!), horoscopes with an object of Barb’s that fits it (Barb’s signature calming phrase “I’m chill”), as well as offering information on body positivity, how to get Barb’s gorgeous locks, manicures/pedicures, and self-help advice all wrapped up in a pink and blue sparkly book! The book is also incredibly illustrated, and I love that it isn’t just a fun tv-tie-in but that it offers real advice that any person (though teenagers in particular) could use in life.

The Book of Barb is a quick and fun read honouring our fallen wing-woman and giving her the justice she always deserved. This is a great book for fans of Stranger Things but a must-read for any Barb fanatics out their!


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