Review: Television and the Wild, Wild Web And How to Blaze Your Own Trail by Marx H. Pyle


Publication: February 14th 2017
Publisher: Michael Weiss Productions
Pages:  220 pages
Source: Birthmas Gift (Thanks Andrea!)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Help, Web Series, How To
My Rating: ⛤⛤⛤⛤

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction books, I just love getting sucked into the fictional worlds that fiction books have to offer. But considering I love making web series, and non-fiction books aren’t usually my forte, it made sense to start the new year fresh by reading a genre I don’t usually read, and learning something in the process!

Television on the Wild, Wild Web is an excellent read for any aspiring web series or film makers. It’s incredibly informative, details the beginning of film history and how web series developed and were connected with early film history. It details the recent boom of web series and helps readers figure out where they want to go with web series production.

While the productions I’ve co-created have been more literary or historically inspired, this book focuses more on original web series creation. While I would have preferred more talk on literary inspired web series, I do want to look more into original creation so it was useful information such as looking into titles, getting the word out, and promotion.

Television on the Wild, Wild Web is an amazing book to readers who are new and interested in starting web series creation or those who have already made web series and want to learn more. I know this is a book I’ll be coming back to during future productions I create.


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