Review Round Up! New Years Edition

Welp, another year has gone by and I did a pretty crappy job keeping up this blog. I’m really sorry about that bookworms, and one of my resolutions for this coming year is to be more present on here, posting more reviews, and reading more because I did a pretty crappy job at that too.

I only managed to read thirty books out of my fifty book goal this year. I made it halfway at least so I’m happy with that, and I know having a goal for what to read each year isn’t necessary, but I always feel like such a failure when I don’t reach my goal. I plan on hitting fifty next year, and making sure to read more too. I think I’ve finally gotten out of this reading slump!

And here’s a Review Round-Up: New Year’s Edition. It turns out there are only three books on this list (I finished Now I Rise in October and Watership Down in December, so yeah, once again, I suck), but here’s what I read regardless! Continue reading