Say hello to Six Blue Marbles Book Reviews!


Unless you’ve already read my post on Instagram, this name change probably came as a surprise to you. Sorry about that, I hope you weren’t too confused!

But yes, for those wondering Stuck in a Story Book Reviews is now Six Blue Marbles Book Reviews!

But why did you change the name?

I’ve been debating it for a while because the production company my sister and I started was also using the name Stuck in a Story (Productions). It was my idea to use the name for the production company because I had given up blogging for a bit because I didn’t think I was doing well at it, but here I am trying again! It just got too confusing having a production company and book review blog with the same name, so it made more sense to change the blog name to something more bookish.

But where does the name come from?

Like I mentioned above (and made obvious in the picture) the words “six blue marbles” comes from a book. The book is We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I read it last year and it quickly became one of my favourite novels. The protagonist Merricat talks about the six blue marbles as one of the items she uses in her practices of sympathetic magic to protect herself, her sister Constance, and their house from evil. I loved the image and phrasing of it when I read it, and then when WiseBraveGirl on Instagram revealed she had gotten her username from another Shirley Jackson novel, The Haunting of Hill House, it seemed like a sign that I should change mine to a Shirley Jackson theme as well!

So yeah, welcome to Six Blue Marbles Book Reviews! Same reviews and memes, new name, maybe more Shirley Jackson in the future. Who knows? 🙂


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