Music Monday


Hooray, another Bookish Meme, and one I created! I started Music Monday when this blog was on Tumblr, and now I want to continue it here!

What is Music Monday?

Music Monday is a segment where I post songs from artists/bands/musicals that are inspired by literature. I thought it would be a fun segment to see how many songs are inspired by literature, as well as musicals!

For the first segment of Music Monday, I wanted to share a song that was inspired by one of my favourite short stories, Deadmau5’s (how do you pluralize a word that ends with a five?) “The Veldt” based on Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name.

The story is an incredibly short sci-fi about two children who have grown obsessed with staying inside their nursery. In this future world the nursery is a room that projects different landscapes (real or fictional) through a computerized system that the children can play in. The children’s parents have started to worry about their children’s obsession with the nursery and try to get them to stop playing in it so often. It’s a fantastic story and very chilling, it can be read here for anyone interested.

Deadmau5’s song of the story is incredibly catchy, and I love the little hints to the story in the lyrics. One of my favourite things is that it repeats the line “The world that the children made” which was going to be the original title of the story. Listen to the song below!

If you’re interested in using Music Monday on your blogs, feel free to do so but please give me credit and link back here! You can also post your Music Monday in the comments section for others to see what bookish songs you’re listening too!


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